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Effective hydro-insulation of the roof and the attic is one of the main factors that determines the lifetime of the roof. When this feature is not ensured, other features, even if they are above average, will not protect the roof from the process of decay. Therefore, there will be a need for major renovation of the roof. The cost of permanent watertight is not so great, it is enough to select the appropriate material and ensure correct installation.

Roofing-1Water tightness of roofing membrane is its resistance to the water column. This resistance was determined by using a special protective coating. Depending on the nature of the membrane it is a coating based on a functional film. The film of good quality is effectively permanently, but relatively expensive solution. There are also coatings based on the impregnation of permeable fibers, but have low efficiency and durability. The result of tests of aging of roofing membranes is that their characteristics reduce resistance during a time. For this reason, it is very important that the initial parameters correspond to high level so the aging process could be minimalized. Water tightness membrane is one of key factors that determine the characteristics of insulation. It is important that the process in spite of the aging, the membrane ensure resistance of water column. Therefore, the waterproofing that exceeds a few meters of the water column is not absurd or unnecessary in natural conditions. High initial value of water resistance, even though it sounds absurd (it is hard to imagine a few meters column of water on the roof) is to prevent the process of aging. Taking into account the long and intensive aging resistance of 2-3 meters of the water column will decrease to a level of 1-1.5 meters of the water column which is still unimaginable value that provides high efficiency hydro-insulation in specific conditions that apply on roof.

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Mechanical resistance

travaux couvreurComfort of the membrane also depends on its mechanical resistance. Picking and mechanical damage are not unusual when it comes to work on the roof. It is important to properly repair such damage. Unfortunately, because of the extra cost of repairing the product and the required work for their installation, such jobs of repairing differ in quality. In extreme cases, such repairs were impossible to implement. With this in mind, the uncorrected initial cover will not ensure proper protection of the roof and attic, which will result in moisture. Furthermore, in order to prevent excessive reduction in resistance values ​​caused by the aging process, the membrane should be characterized by high maximum value of this resistance.

Concerning this above, the membrane that are subject of mechanical damage of  low-level mechanical resistance will ensure the comfort of working roofer and can be the reason of supervision required repairs. Durable membrane will guarantee us stability and long service life. Even long-term reduction of its mechanical parameters will not significantly affect its functioning which ensures satisfactory of mechanical resistance values.

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